At THE PERSEVERANCE GROUP, LLC, we’re passionate about promoting new innovative products that will enhance the customer experience. Since 2019, we’ve provided a high quality service to all of our clients and as we grow, our commitment to your needs remains the key driving force behind our E-commerce Startup.


Our Affiliates


Seventeeth Watches

We pride ourselves on being a Veteran Owned & Operated Company founded in 2015.

Our mission is simple here at Seventeenth: to create quality minimalist timepieces. At the same time, we want our watches to be accessible to the everyday working person. That's why we employ a direct-to-consumer strategy - to cut out the traditional retail markup used by so many watch companies, and put a Seventeeth watch on your wrist!

We believe time is the only luxury and our watches serve as symbols to remind you of it!

We value freedom, expression, exploration, and family.


Fast Forward Progress

We launched Fast Forward Progress to prove that a black-owned business can celebrate black excellence, while still making the dopest clothing on the market. We don't believe in the idea that corporations or fashion brands shouldn't take political or social sides. 

Here at Fast Forward Progress, we believe that fashion, culture, media, and art can and should be used to advocate and ensure that people's voices are heard.

Black culture is the biggest determinant of what's "cool" and popular. Everything from the way society talks, to the brands that are popular, is determined by our culture.

So why run from it?


Alejandria Clothing

Delivers one of a kind clothing and skincare products that are free of chemicals. No animal testing conducted. All products are available on Etsy with more products on the way!


Cristian Beriguette Photography

Collaboration with innovative entrepreneurs to generate excellent and genuine brand images which elevate their brand and enhance sales. Natural and relaxed settings are key drives to their photography work.